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Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Field Test Observation Flyer

Flyer that has a blue box at the top that says Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Field Test 2022-23. WIDA wants to observe your Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Field Test administrations. Then there is black text that says About the field test observations As a reminder, the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Field Test takes place from February 14 through April 17, 2023. During that time, WIDA wants to travel to school districts and observe as you administer the field test to students. These observations will help WIDA understand how students interact with the test in a real-world setting, so we can refine materials to make the test a more efficient and positive experience. Who we’d like to observe We want to observe field test administrations with students who will take the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Field Test in any of the four grade-level clusters: K–2, 3–5, 6–8, and 9–12. Where we’ll conduct the observations We would like to visit districts where the field test will be administered to more than three students. WIDA staff will travel to your site and observe as you give the field test to students in their everyday learning environment. When we’d like to come to your site WIDA staff will coordinate with you to travel to your site sometime during the field test window: February 14–April 17, 2023. Keep in mind that your state and district may have their own window within this timeframe. How to participate Tell us you’re interested in having us come to your district by filling out the Alternate ACCESS Field Test Observation survey, which takes five minutes to complete. Note: Only complete the survey if your district is administering more than three field test sessions. WIDA staff will reach out to selected candidates via phone or email to confirm participation. Then there is an image of Candoo, an illustrated golden retriever that has a red vest that says We can do it! And Learn more about the field test Find more information on the field test itself on the Alternate ACCESS Field Test webpage. And there's a WIDA logo.