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Using Verbs to Shape Your Objectives and Outcomes

This verb list helps you consider where your students may need to start when accessing the content of your lesson. You can also use it to think about your target objectives for students’ language learning.

Language and Disability Needs Framework

This framework helps you better understand how language and disability needs apply to each student, and how to customize instruction and assessments according to each student’s unique needs.

Video: What Does Language Learning Look Like?

Watch this dynamic, fun video, which is narrated by real-life ESL teacher Madison Leech, to learn how all the elements of Advancing ALTELLA Toolkit No. 1: Applying the Framework work together!

Learning Matrix

This matrix illustrates how a concept can be taught with increasing language demand. Use the matrix after assessing how a student accesses content based on their position in the Advancing ALTELLA Language and Disability Needs Framework.

Student Language Builder

The Student Language Builder is a planning guide that incorporates the Advancing ALTELLA Language and Disability Needs Framework, Advancing ALTELLA Learning Matrix, and shared goals to help develop an educational plan to support each student while increasing language demand. Download and print this PDF to use as you create student plans!

Advancing ALTELLA Paper Dolls

Print, cut, and play! Use the Advancing ALTELLA paper dolls for a fun classroom or at-home project. These paper dolls represent multilingual learners with disabilities.